100 Ways To Save Money on Your Wedding + More Tips For The Perfect Wedding

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how to save on your wedding

100 ways to save

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Wedding season is practically here and if you’re getting married this year you probably still have a TON to do. There’s the invitations, the flowers, the caterers, the venue, the dress (most important!) and that’s just the beginning of the list. The cost is skyrocketing as you speak (actually, you’re reading…but you knew that). And if you’re like a lot of couples these days then you’re covering some, if not all, of the costs for your very special day. Are you sweating yet? Luckily, I’ve got some tips to help keep those costs down — 100 of them, if we’re counting. And we are because the more, the better. Plus, I’ve added additional tips for keeping your head together as you plan your perfect day. Follow the links below for all the info…

Link 1 => News | 100 ways how to save money on your wedding

Link 2 => Top Tips & Advice For The Perfect Wedding

And here’s another great way to save some dough with dough — actually it’s cupcake batter. Try preparing this easy DIY Cupcake Wedding Dress Cake  for the engagement party…


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~ Jenise

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