Repurpose An Old French Door Into A Beautiful Table

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Getting rid of an old door? Don’t. There are so many useful things you can build with it. For one, a table. And if it’s a french door, then better. You can add color to the windows and really liven it up. Or go two-toned for a mellower look. Perhaps even try checkering the windows black and white. I think that would look pretty cool.

This beautiful french door table is the work of Morena and her little helper over at Morena’s Corner blog. She found this old french door at a Habitat For Humanity ReStore. Never heard of a ReStore? They’re wonderful. It’s where Habitat sells surplus donated items and gently used items. A lot of great finds there and this door is definitely one of them. Throw on some paint and a glass top (don’t really throw the glass) and you’ve got a beautiful table. And if you don’t need a table, make it into a coffee table. Already have a coffee table? Then make it into an outdoor table for your patio. Lots of options so follow the link below to head on over to Morena’s blog for her full tutorial…

Tutorial =>


~ Jenise

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