diy steamed bent wooden hand shaped bowl
source: dollarstorecrafts.com

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This DIY hand-shaped bowl is a great project for getting the kids involved. You start by outlining your hands on a thin slice of wood. I think if you have kids, it would be really fun to make this project with their hand outlines so when you look back in ten years, you’ll be asking yourself how they were ever that small. After cutting out the outlined hands, you steam the wood. The steaming softens the wood and makes the wood pliable. The technique of steaming wood has been used for ages in boat-making to bend wood planks to the right shape. After you steam, bend your wood to shape, and dry. The last step is to stain the wood and glue the two hands together. You’ll have a very fun and unique little hand-shaped bowl to drop your keys and other knick knacks. Another awesome idea for using these bent wood hands comes from Facebook fan, Bryant Perez. He suggests making your bent wood hands into a back scratcher. Love that idea, Bryant! For more details on how to make your own bent wood hand-shaped bowl, check out the Bent Wood Hand-Shaped Bowl tutorial.

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DIY Key holders racks
DIY Key holders & racks



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