source: kaylasbasement.blogspot.com
source: kaylasbasement.blogspot.ca

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Here’s another one of those “why didn’t I think of it ideas.” Did you go through a cinder block phase perhaps in college when your bookshelf or desk was supported by these weighty, unwieldy, indestructible, yet cost efficient concrete blocks? I did and so did a few friends.

Well, cinder blocks are back, at least in the garden. Still cost efficient. Still indestructible. But also pretty genius. This garden bench will only cost you the price of a few 4′ x 4’s, a few pillows, and some cinderblocks — unless you steal them from a construction site — not that any 19 year old that I once knew ever did that — and I’m not encouraging it…unless no body is watching ;-) …I didn’t say that.

To put together your own backyard bench, follow the link for a quick how-to…

Link —> http://kaylasbasement.blogspot.ca/2012/06/diy-outdoor-bench.html

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source: myrepurposedlife.com
source: myrepurposedlife.com



DIY Outdoor Daybed Lounge

diy Outdoor Day Bed lounge
Image via Apprentice Extrovert.

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