source: mychampagnetaste.blogspot.com
source: mychampagnetaste.blogspot.com

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I really like the look of silver leafing. A while back I was thinking of refinishing a piece of furniture with silver leaf but I hesitated because I was simply afraid of the process. Instead, I experimented using Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint on it (you can read about the makeover here). Looking Glass paint is used on glass to give a mirror-like finish. So I was expecting to get a mirrored finished. Not quite. Here’s the finished dresser….


source: me  (ie, Jenise at diyfunideas.com)
source: Me, silly  — Jenise at diyfunideas.com


I really do like how the finish turned out and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, but it was not what I was going for which means my mouth is still watering for silver leaf. So I’ve been looking at different projects online and found some terrific how-to’s. My Champaigne Taste blog has a really easy to follow tutorial here: How to Silver Leaf Furniture.

source: mychampagnetaste.blogspot.com
source: mychampagnetaste.blogspot.com


I also found a great tutorial from DIY Nina’s Way blog: DIY Nina’s Way: Aluminum (Silver) Leafed French Provincial Furniture. She did something interesting; instead of using silver leaf she used aluminum leaf. It’s a bit less expensive and you still get that brilliant silver leaf finish.


diy aluminum leaf furniture
source: diyprojectsbynina.blogspot.com


I’m now inspired again to give leafing a try and I have the perfect little hallway table that’s just yelling for a makeover. All I need to do is find the time. Right now I have a half dozen completed projects that still need to be written up (re-tiled the bathroom, a formica cabinet refinish, a book shelf refinish, flooring refinish…). I’ll eventually get to those write ups and the leafing project goes on list. You know you’ll hear about it when it happens.

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~ Jenise



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