How To Make Clay Flower Pot People

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diy clay pot people


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First off, I can’t decide if these are cute or creepy. Maybe they’re a little of each. I just hope the eyes don’t follow me while I’m doing my gardening. That being said, these clay pot people are fun and very easy to make and will add interest to your garden. These clay people are the work of the folks over at They have a very easy to follow tutorial. And, for inspiration in designing your own clay pot people there’s a whole bunch of clay pot people pictures on their website. So if you’d like to put some of these people in your yard and give your gnomes some company, then check out the How to make Clay Pot Flower People Tutorial. But don’t come running to me when you see some clay eyes peeping in your window. Just sayin’.  :-)


~ Jenise

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I can’t decide if this is creepy or not.

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