how to keep your fly up

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I think we’ve all experienced a falling fly at one time or other. I actually caught sight once of an open fly going commando. Eeek! I’m sorry, I should have told the guy, but I didn’t know him and I was just too embarrassed to say something. I think a lot of people react that way. Or maybe I’m just a wimp. But if you’ve had this problem then you know what it feels like to be red-faced with shame. Luckily, there’s a really simple fix. It’s a key chain ring. Hook it to your zipper, zip up, then hook it to the button. Close your jeans and done. That baby ain’t goin’ no where. The simplicity of this solution is what makes it so wonderful. And if you don’t have an extra key ring — since most of us usually don’t — and there’s no where to get one, I’d suggest removing the keys from your keychain for a temporary quick fix. You know you’ll always have keys, so never any reason to be caught with your junk hanging out — unless you’re into that kind of stuff.  ;-)

As Always, Cheers My Friends!

~ Jenise

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