owl egg mold

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I came across this owl egg image on pinterest and thought it was such a fun idea for breakfast… you know, for the kids… yeah, that’s what I meant, for the kids. Of course, there was no source to the picture so I googled egg molds and found it on Amazon. They’re made out of “safe” silcone rubber. It’s a great idea if you have fussy eaters at home. Or, if you just want to make breakfast fun and watch your kids light up when you put their breakfast in front of them.

I also found a few different egg molds, so here they all are. Click on the images for detail…


You can also use these for pancakes, but I don’t think they’d have quite the same affect that the yoke gives. Anywho (get it? Hoo…owl…Lame me), enjoy breakfast!


~ Jenise

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