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source: irvingparkgardenclub.wordpress.com


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When you think about attracting hummingbirds, most people think about using a feeder. The problem with that is that hummingbirds may never find your feeder. Hummingbirds feed by sight so they may never know that that plastic thing hanging in your yard has something sweet just waiting for them.

So what’s a hummingbird lover to do? Go the natural way. There are specific plants that you can place in your garden that attract those tiny little speed demons. Here’s a list of those lovely garden flowers…

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image credits: birdsandblooms.com, dessertusa.com, nativeplantwildlifegarden.com, meadowview.com


  • Canna
  • Hummingbird Mint (Agastache)
  • Cardinal Flower
  • Foxglove
  • Columbine
  • Bee Balm (Monarda)
  • Coral Bells
  • Four O’Clocks
  • Hosta
  • Little Cigar
  • Lupine
  • Penstemon
  • Yucca


  • Fuchsia
  • Beard Tongue (and other penstemons)
  • Firespike
  • Jewelweed
  • Impatiens
  • Jacobiana
  • Shrimp Plant
  • Petunia
  • Various Salvia species

Now once the humming birds have found your yard, adding a humming bird feeder is a great addition. Hang it near a window for the best view. Or try this DIY hummingbird feeder (image above). It only costs a few cents to make and attaches right to your window. You couldn’t get a better view than that.


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~ Jenise


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