how to shade your pergola
image credit: anythingpretty.com

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Yesterday I showed you how to build a beautiful backyard pergola. Now after all your hard work you have an amazing latticed garden feature to sit under while enjoying a cool glass of lemonade. But while the slats of lattice provide a bit of shade, you are under an open frame which means it can still get pretty hot. Your solution… add shade of course, silly. How? Well, the folks over at anythingpretty.com got it all figured out for you. They weaved in some industrial strength canvas. Hard? No. There was no measuring and no sewing involved. It looks gorgeous and the entire job took only two hours and cost less than $50. Want specifics? Follow the link below to find out all you need to know to give your pergola some cool shade…

Link ==> http://www.anythingpretty.com/2010/07/buying-fabric-at-hardware-store.html


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