diy waterless water fountain
source: garden-collection.com

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Waterless water fountain…there’s an oxymoron for you. But that’s just what this is. And it’s a great idea if you don’t want to bother setting up a pump or refilling evaporated water. Plus, look at the pretty colors!. Instead of water, these planters use iridescent marbles. You can adhere the dripping marbles to the pots using a craft adhesive. I’ve always used this one. I love it because it’s clear, waterproof, comes in an easy squeeze tube, and will bond to just about anything. Almost as good as duct tape..well, sort of. There’s nothing quite like duct tape. ;-)

You can leave the non-flowing marbles loose to give it a bit of a dynamic feel. But if you prefer not to leave any loose marbles (I might have a few of those) then once you have your marbles set exactly how you’d like, simply pour a clear liquid resin right over them. When it dries it will encapsulate your little gems in a crystal clear encasement. You’ll have no escapees.

Also, if you just want something simple then only use two pots: one to flow the marbles and one to catch them. Easy-peasy. Now simply sit back and enjoy!

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~ Jenise


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