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My kitchen has black appliances. My parents’ kitchen has cream colored appliances. Neither of us have gotten to the point of needing to replace any of our large appliances, yet we both would really like a sleek updated stainless steel look. And I’m pretty excited that I’ve found some easy and really inexpensive ways to update to stainless steel. There are some really cool options like adhesive stainless steel sheets, stainless steel contact paper, stainless steel magnetic sheets, and even stainless steel paint. Take a look at these options and you’ll be on your way to a DIY stainless steel kitchen update on the cheap.

This refrigerator uses a Peel & Stick Brushed Stainless Steel Film.

diy stainless steel kitchen makeover
DIY Stainless Steel Kitchen Makeover


This range and dishwasher use a Paint-On Liquid Stainless Steel Kit.

diy stainless steel kitchen makeover 2
Paint-on Stainless Steel Kit


This dishwasher uses an Instant Stainless Steel Magnet Dishwasher Cover.

diy stainless steel kitchen makeover magnetic dishwasher cover
DIY Magnetic Stainless Steel Dishwasher Cover


This modern kitchen uses a Metallic Stainless Steel Silver Self-Adhesive Vinyl Contact Film.

diy peel and stick stainless steel contact paper
DIY Stainless Steel Contact Paper

This backsplash uses Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Tile Sheets.

source: Subway Tile Outlet


There you have it, five different ways to update to a modern DIY stainless steel kitchen on the cheap!

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12 Comments on 5 DIY Stainless Steel Kitchen Makeovers On The Cheap

  1. Even tho using the stainless steel products would be much less expensive than buying all new appliances I’m hesitant to find out how much the products would be. Guess I’ll look into links you provided. I’d love the stainless steel contact paper all over my cupboards and the sheets of mosaic tiles. Of course I’d want to do appliances also. So glad I clicked on this post, might be solution to getting my kitchen rehabbed – finally.
    Did you use any of these products? If so how are they to install? If you reply please do so to [email protected] Happy days

    • Hi Jane Ellen, I have not yet tried any of these products. I am currently helping my parents make updates on their home and the kitchen will be coming up soon. I plan to paint the cabinets and redo the counter tops, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with the appliances. Their appliances work great so they don’t want to spend to replace. So I’ve found these alternatives for them. Still deciding though what we’ll exactly do. I’d like to do the stainless steel paint, but they’re still a little hesitant on that one.

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