DIY Rustic Live Edge Mirror Makeover

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A while back, I showcased a beautiful contemporary door mirror makeover (see it here). Now I’m doing a complete 180 to show you how you can do something completely different with the same door mirror. So check out this beautifully rustic live edge mirror (above) created by the folks at Live edge is when the natural edge of the wood is incorporated into the mirror.

Now, I’ve got a surprise for you. Those natural edges are, well, not so natural. But a mirror with a true natural edge would cost you an arm and a leg. I found this natural live edge mirror at for a wopping $375 (based on current exchange rate).

source: rivermirror.


It’s beautiful, but who wants to pay that much when you can do it yourself for a mere $20. Can you say A-MAZ-ZING! did just that and it came out gorgeous. And you won’t believe how easy it was to create. To find out how you can make own natural edge mirror, follow the link below for their full tutorial…

Link =>



And here’s an extra tip: after following the tutorial, if you want to make those edges a bit darker try giving them a slight burn. I’d hold off on the blow torch though. You don’t want to over do it, or set the house on fire. But perhaps you can create a gentle darkening using a lighter. The burn is a whole lot more controllable and a ton safer. So go for the mirror madness. I’m excited to see/hear how yours turns out.

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~ Jenise

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