source: sowanddipity.com
source: sowanddipity.com

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These fun glowing garden sculptures are the work of Shelley over at Sow And Dipity blog. The light art sculptures are actually the tops of glass vases. Pretty ingenious, huh? Shelley really wanted to make some kind of glow in the dark light art for her garden, but wasn’t sure how to actually get them to glow in the dark. She tried a bunch of techniques and failed a bunch of times, but lucky for us she didn’t give up. Finally, with a little ingenuity she came up with an idea that worked. Yay! For more info on how you can make your own glow in the dark garden light sculptures just like Shelley’s, follow the link below…

Tutorial => http://www.sowanddipity.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/DIY-Garden-Lights-_new.jpg


~ Jenise

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