DIY dresser refurb
source: brookeeva.com

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I’ve been doing a lot of make over work at my parents’ house and a while back I was trying to figure out what to do with an old ugly bookshelf. I was kind of stuck so I painted it white. Boring. Had to give it some flare, so I threw in some silver highlights. Fail. Still boring. Here’s the before and after…

source: me
source: me


Check out my parents’ wedding picture. Aren’t they cute! Anywho, back to makeovers… I think I’ve finally figured out what to do with the book shelf. I came across a furniture refurb by Jacqui at brookeva.com. She did an incredible job refurbing an old Ikea dresser. All it took was some high gloss paint and upholstery nails. I’m loving it. I can see using the nails along the edges of my parents’ book shelf. I probably won’t go with high gloss black though. My parents are a little more country, her makeover is a little more rock and roll.

furniture refurb
source: brookeeva.com


Follow the link below for Jacqui’s how-to transformation…

Link==> http://brookeeva.com/project-master/

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