diy all natural homemade cleaning wipes
source: firsthomelovelife.com

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Got dirt? Most of us do somewhere or another. And most of the household cleansers that we purchase in store is chock full of toxic chemicals. Some can cause respiratory problems, while other cause allergic reactions. There’s no need to use toxic chemical in the home when you can easily make your own cleaners. And here’s a really easy solution for putting together your own easy to make DIY all natural cleaning wipes. Check out the Homemade Natural Cleaning Wipes Tutorial from First Home Love Life.

If you want to know more about how healthy or unhealthy your current home products are, then check out the GoodGuide For Safe & Healthy Products. Just enter a product and you’ll get a rating.

Finally, while you’re thinking “clean,” check out these great cleaning ideas…

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how to wash & whiten yellowed pillows
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