tiny mobile cabin
source: oregoncottagecompany.net

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This teeny tiny cabin on wheels gives a whole new meaning to mobile home. It’s the creation of The Oregon Cottage Company. They created their tiny portable cabins for “individuals wanting a simpler way of life.” And simpler it will be living in this tiny portable home. While it has all the comforts of a regular home on a smaller scale, it has some environmentally friendly add ons, like a composting toilet. So where ever you decide to plant your portable home, you’ll have everything you need to plant your garden too.

Now you might be asking where you’re going to put your stuff. Well, take a look at these inventive storage ideas…

portable cabin
portable cabin storage


portable cabin
portable cabin storage


It definitely gives a whole new meaning to mobile homes. If you’re ready to move off the grid then get more details and pictures by checking out the Portable Cabins from the Oregon Cottage Company.


~ Jenise

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