56 sensory activities for kids
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I’m at that age where all my friends are popping out little critters. Personally, I’ve only popped out this darling little rug rat…

My little Lily
My little Lily


My little Lily is a brilliant little learner. Smartest one in her class, as a matter of fact. She’s going to be a doctor one day. Yup. That’s because I use sensory activities for learning.

Did you know that children (and adults) learn best and retain the most information when they use their senses to learn? It’s true. When you give children the opportunity to investigate new materials that engage their different senses, you are actually helping them to develop and refine their cognitive, social, emotional, physical, creative and linguistic skill sets. You can read more about that on pbs.org. So if you want your kids at the top of their class, like my little Lily, then it’s important to engage them with sensory activities. Plus, they’ll have so much fun at it. I’ve found a whole slew of DIY sensory activities for kids for you to get started. Check out these 56 Sensory Play Ideas For Kids and get your kids a-learnin’.


~ Jenise

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