source: mallorysartprojects.blogspot.com
source: mallorysartprojects.blogspot.com

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This table really wowed me! I love the colors and the design. It’s so unique and quite a conversation piece. A real jewel. And mosaics are surprisingly easy to make. The hardest part of this project will be drinking all those bottles of beer to collect enough bottle caps. Although, I did find this place where you can buy old bottle caps in packs of 100. So that’s one way to go.

Anywho, to learn how to make your own fabulous bottle cap mosaic table just follow the link below….

Link —–> http://iampinteresting.blogspot.com/2013/01/bottle-cap-table.html


So there you have it. Wishing you many, many happy bottle cap mosaic adventures.

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~ Jenise



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