source: inside-outdesign.blogspot.com
source: inside-outdesign.blogspot.com

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Turning an old coffee table into a beautiful ottoman is a great way to add a decorative component to your living room. The best part is that the fabric choices are endless. You can choose to create a statement piece that will create a focal point centered around your entertaining area or fashion your piece with a complementary color & fabric that will tie all your decorative elements together. The choice is yours. The folks over at inside-outdesign.blogspot.com can show you how. In their two-part blog series, they transformed a $40 Craigslist coffee table into a work of art. Part 1 teaches you how to upholster your coffee table. Part 2 teaches you how to add the tufting. Follow the links below for full tutorials then start creating your own ottoman masterpiece….

Link 1 ==> Inside-Out Design: Turning A Coffee Table Into An Ottoman

Link 2 ==> Inside-Out Design: Tutorial: Tufting An Ottoma

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2 Comments on DIY Ottoman From Old Coffee Table Tutorial

    • You’re so welcome! I try to only feature things that I think are really cool and your ottoman transformation was totally awesome. So thank you for your wonderful creativity!

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