Beer Mug Cupcake Recipe with Baileys Filling

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How fun would it be to serve these triple chocolate beer mug cupcakes at your next party?! They certainly look like only something a professional baker could put together, but don’t get intimidated. They’re really not hard to make. The cake is simply a box recipe. The “foam” topping is a frozen whipped topping. The wrapper is a white molding chocolate that you purchase and roll out. And the creamy chocolate inside is a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate, whipped cream, sugar, and a touch of Bailey Irish Cream. I bet they’re don’t seem too hard to make now.

You can also make these mug cupcakes for the kids by skipping the irish cream. They’d make a fun treat at any birthday party. Want the recipe? Then head over to for their Beer Mug Cupcakes with Baileys Filling recipe and enjoy.

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source: Sweet Art By Elizabeth

source: Sweet Art By Elizabeth



~ Jenise

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