Upcycled Jewelry Organizer from old coat rack2

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Remember the faux silver leaf doors that I just painted? (Yes, yes, the wall color is changing soon!)

DIY Faux Silver Leaf
DIY Faux Silver Leaf


Well, hanging next to the doors was an old wooden coat rack that been there forever. Unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture because I was planning on ripping it off the wall and throwing it out. However, that old coat hanger had a different idea and it would not budge. I would have really messed up the dry wall if I tried to take it down. So while I was painting the silver doors I was also watching that ugly coat rack from the corner of my eye. It had a dark stain with what I can only describe as a grandma craft design. I just couldn’t bare it. So in the middle of painting the doors I took my silver paint covered brush to it. Then I thought, eh…that’s not terrible. Perhaps I could do something with it. So I decided to add some fun swirly designs.

I found this image of calligraphy swirls online and used it as a base for my design…


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from coat rack
Calligraphy swirls


I drew a design on a piece of paper based on the calligraphy swirls, taped it to the wall and then copied my design onto the silver painted wood.


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from coat rack
Outlining the design


Doesn’t my drawing look like the bat signal??

Here’s a close-up of my penciled in design…


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack
Pencilled in design


I used some basic craft paint in black…


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack


To create this design, I used an angled brush, which really helps to vary the width of the painted lines. You definitely want to have thicker and thinner areas on your design to give your design more interest.


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack
Step 1


The swirls coming off your main drawing lines should be thinner at the base. To do that start with your brush on the line and slowly pull it away. If you start away from the base line and paint your way in, you won’t get a narrow connection to the base line. I tried and just couldn’t get it to work.


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack
Step 2


As you paint your swirls, do not turn the angle of your brush. That will give the swirl a naturally thicker curl.


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack
Step 3


Doesn’t the above picture look like I only have half a thumb??


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack
Lovely swirl


Creating this design definitely required a steady hand. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t so steady. So as I painted, I also used Q-tips to clean up the areas I messed up. Lots of Q-tips…


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack
Clean up lines with Q-tips


Here’s a close-up…


upcycled diy jewelry hanger from old coat rack


Notice there are still some pencil lines on the silver. When I finished my swirls, I painted over the remaining pencil marks with more silver paint. And waa-laaa, a lovely place to hang my jewelry!


upcycled diy jewelry hanger
Upcycled DIY Jewelry Hanger


I hope my DIY upcycled jewelry hanger inspires you to create something amazing! Oh, and before you go, please check out my DIY high heel planters! Can you say total shoe LOVE?!!


high heel planter
High Heel Planters


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23 Comments on Upcycled Jewelry Organizer From Old Coat Rack

  1. What a great job you did. I actually took a class to teach that technique of painting…I wasn’t very good at it…..
    The beach glass color is oretty

  2. This looks great! I have some vintage wooden spools from my Grandma that I want to make into a jewelry holder so this tute will help!
    I found you at Hope Studios Tutorial Tuesday :) Come by for a visit if you get a chance!

    • Thank you Catherine. I will definitely stop by. Can’t wait to see what you do with the spools!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again today :)

  4. First of all, those closet doors are lovely. Second of all, the hangar came out fabulously but…and this is a huge BUT those high heel planters made me squeal with joy! LOVE! So much fun. I have to pin them. Happy I linked up with Life on Lakeshore Drives party or I would have missed these lovelies!

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