how to wear a tie
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Who in the world would have ever imaged there were as many as nine steps to properly wearing a tie? I know I’m a girl and all, so I may not be in the know when it comes to tie etiquette, but nine steps? Really? Well, apparently so and here’s the basic things any tie-wearing gent should be considering when putting that noose around his neck. You’ll want to think about proper width, proper length, how to wear the tail, your knot size, the tie weight, how tight to make the knot, appropriate tie colors for day versus evening, how to care for your ties, and finally, dandy rules…whatever that is. So check out ties and how to wear them in 9 steps for all the details.

And when you get all those steps down and you’re ready to get all fancy-shmancy, try learning How To Tie An Eldridge Tie Knot

how to tie an eldridge knot
How to tie an eldridge knot



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