source: Art Of Home Design
source: Art Of Home Design

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I love the rich, warm, decorative feel that develops on copper and bronze with age. But who has time to let something age? Luckily, there are alternatives to waiting for an item to age to create that patina embellishment. Plus, your item no longer has to be made of metal to get that patina effect. There are easy faux finishing techniques that will transform the finish of ANY item into a luxurious patina.

Artofdesignhome.com created a beautiful patina on a ceiling medallion, but instead of mounting it on the ceiling, they created a lovely piece of wall art. Follow the link below to see the quick and easy two-step process. And remember this technique can be used on just about any surface you want to refinish.

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Link —–> http://artofdesignhome.com/painted-ceiling-medallion/



Fun Fact: The common name for the green patina formed on the Statue of Liberty is called Verdigris.

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