source: thescrapshoppeblog.com
source: thescrapshoppeblog.com


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This is seriously blowing my mind! So cool! This back-lit canvas looks like something you’d pay a ton of money for. But there’s no reason to pay when you can…you guessed it…do it yourself!

Thescrapshoppeblog.com created this beautiful piece of art. One would guess this would be difficult to make, but it’s not. And the beauty of it is that it doesn’t only look amazing with the lights off. It also looks really cool and interesting when the the lights are on.

source: thescrapshoppeblog.com
source: thescrapshoppeblog.com


For more information and step by step tutorial, follow the link below…

Link====> http://www.thescrapshoppeblog.com/2012/05/backlit-canvas-art.html


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