DIY Concrete Zombie Hands


Last week I shared how to make this super easy DIY CONCRETE TOMBSTONE for Halloween…

Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone

And I promised to follow up with the tutorial for the zombie hands that go with the tombstone…

Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone

Well, as promised, here is the tutorial and these DIY concrete zombie hands are so easy to make.

Start with a pair of rubber gloves

halloween craft diy zombie hands

Mix up your concrete/cement mix following the packaging instructions. I always use Rapid Set Cement All for my concrete project.

halloween craft diy zombie hands

Instructions for Cement All require that you mix your cement with 3 parts Cement All and 1 part water. In the picture above, I didn’t measure very well so as you can see my mix looks pretty thin. So I ended up adding more Cement All to the mix to thicken it up. If your mix is too liquid then you won’t be able to set your filled gloves down to set because the cement will simply pour out. So make sure your mix is pretty thick.

Once you mix your cement/concrete, fill the plastic gloves. I used a simple garden trowel to both mix and fill my gloves.

Here they are drying…

halloween craft diy zombie hands

When I made my DIY Concrete Hand Planters For Succulents, I used surgical gloves instead. So either will work.


diy concrete hand planters 11
Filling plastic gloves

You’ll want to put a pin prick through the bottom of each glove finger prior to filling with cement, otherwise an air bubble will collect and it’ll be difficult to get the cement down into the fingers.

Once the cement has dried (Cement All dries in about an hour. Other cements will take quite a bit longer), simply peel the gloves off.

halloween craft diy zombie hands

Then you’re ready to plant your concrete zombie hands in the ground, along with your DIY concrete tombstone.

Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone

For extra scary fun, try dripping some red paint onto your concrete zombie hands.

Halloween craft DIY Concrete Tombstone

Have a happy Halloween. Now go scare the crap out of your friends!


DIY Concrete

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    • Oh my Kim, thank you very much. You are much too kind. I love working with concrete so much, but I feel like such a novice. …BUT…I have a plan to fix that. I’m going to be taking some classes to learn more sophisticated techniques for casting and coloring concrete. I’m so excited I can hardly breath. And once all finalized I’ll be spilling all the beans about it. Did I say I was so excited?!!! :-)

  1. These are so cool. My hubby used to decorate for Halloween each year. Just wanted you to know, there’s a new linky party in town, Scraptastic Saturdays. I would love for you to link up. All linked ups will be shared via FB/Twitter/Pinterest. Hope to see you there. Have a wondeful weekend.

    • Thank you so much Jann! As a Walking Dead fan, I’m having a lot of fun with the whole zombie thing. Thank you for hosting each week. I always love stopping by!

    • Thank you so much Tommie! I can hardly wait to share more with you! I’m dying though that I have to wait nearly 6 weeks to get started!! The wait is already killing me!

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