diy rubics cube dresser
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Remember the iconic Rubics Cube? I might be aging myself by asking that question, but when I was little there wasn’t a kid on the block without one. And the one who could solve the Rubics Cube the fastest, if at all, was obviously the smartest. Isn’t that how that works? I guess I was just street smart, then.

Now there’s a new brilliant Rubics Cube design, only it’s a little larger than the original, only rotates on a single axis, but just as cool none the less. It’s this amazing Rubics Cube chest of drawers. It’s basically three sets of encased drawers, mounted on lazy susans, with brightly colored squared attached that mimic the original. Even if your kids didn’t grow up with the Rubics Cube, they will go crazy over this amazing dresser.

For the full step by step instructions for building your own Rubics Cube dresser, check out the Rubics Cube chest of drawers tutorial.

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