diy concrete pendant lamp
source: Homemade Modern

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I’m in love with these concrete pendant lamps. Actually, I’m in love with most of the stuff that’s made by Ben over at Homemade Modern. He specializes in uber contemporary home fixings. All of his designs look like super expensive store bought items, but they are just the opposite, very affordable do it yourselfers. They also look like projects that are beyond the skills of the average person, but again they are not. Ben breaks the instructions down into really easy steps that anyone can follow. And that’s what he did with these really cool modern DIY hanging concrete pendant lamps which are caste using two plastic soda bottles, concrete, a few screws and a light socket. These pendant lamps would look great hanging over your kitchen counters, don’t you think? So check out the HomeMade Modern Concrete Pendant Lamp tutorial.

And if you love the DIY concrete pendant lamps, then you’ll also love another project I featured a while back, a DIY concrete table lamp. So check that out too…

DIY Ultra Modern Concrete Lamp For $7

DIY Concrete Lamp
source: Homemade Modern


~ Jenise

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