Yes, Bob Vila is my new BFF, bestie, best friend like in forever and ever and ever. And considering the obviously photoshopped pic of me and my new BFF, you know it’s so totally true. I mean, I even got an email from him yesterday. Okay, well perhaps not directly from him. It might have been from someone who works for him. Okay, well maybe someone who works directly for someone who works directly for someone who works directly for him. But that’s close enough for me and I’ll take it. And I suppose if you want to get technical, then the person who emailed me works for BobVila.com and might not have ever stood in his presence, but I am definitely not complaining.

I know, I know, you’re now saying to yourself, “O-M-G! She got an email from someone who works for someone who works for someone who works for Bob Vila!”

I know, right?!!

Anyway, why did this someone email me? To tell me that my DIY Concrete Planter Hands are going to be featured next month on BobVila.com!!!

***Excuse me, can you please hold the phone while I scream a little louder?!!***

The feature is part of “Bob Vila Thumbs Up…which showcases the most innovative and exciting projects from established and emerging DIY bloggers and encourages readers to vote for their favorite.” 


I don’t know exactly how they found me. My best guess is through the power of Pinterest. And I am seriously thrilled…falling out of my chair…scraping my jaw off the floor excited.

So thank you to all the folks who have supported my so far five-month stint as a blogger. I’d like to thank the Academy… along with everyone who has shared and re-pin my projects. Seriously, this wouldn’t have ever happened without all your shares and re-pins. There are no words to express how grateful I am. And thank you Bob! (Notice that we’re on a first name basis now. Okay, we’ll I am.) Anyway, you all get two snaps and a circle around the world. Thank you.

I will definitely let ya’ll know when the feature is up and I do hope you’ll pop over there to vote for me. It would seriously mean the world to me. Until then, you can check out my DIY Concrete Planter Hands right here.

DIY succulent concrete planter hands


Cheers, Grazie, xo!






8 Comments on BOB VILA IS LIKE MY NEW BFF…As In Like Totally Forever & Ever

    • Thank you so much Kim. I’ve been walking on air since. Need to start getting my head out of the clouds though and get to work. :-)

    • Thank you Jill! I’ll definitely say Hi to Bob for you. You know, he’s been asking about you lately. ;-) And thanks for the photo taking tips on your site. I have so much trouble taking decent portrait pics (or any pics for that matter!)

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