diy driftwood mirror
source: thewoodgraincottage.com

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This mirror is a show-stopper. With one of these, there won’t be a single person to enter your home who won’t stop to admire it. And you know they’ll have touch it. So you might have to put a ‘Please Don’t Touch’ sign up. The texture of the frame is pretty amazing. The folks over at thewoodgraincottage.com created this beauty using pieces of drift wood. But if you don’t have easy access to drift wood, I think using small branches with the same technique would also look pretty cool. Perhaps even do something with corks. I have a friend whose been collecting corks for quite awhile now (I’m talking a REALLY long time and a ton of corks) with the intention of making something, but she hasn’t been able to decide what. I’m thinking this is it.

Anywho, follow the link below for full instructions on how to make this amazing mirror frame…

Link==> Easy Driftwood Mirror Tutorial

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