how to make a glow in the dark planter
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I’ve come across this image of “glow in the dark” planters multiple times on Pinterest. But there is never a source associated with it. The images usually have a comment that says something like you should use glow in the dark spray paint. But I just couldn’t imagine glow in the dark spray paint looking so vibrant or making a glow last particularly wrong, And I certainly didn’t want to steer anyone in the wrong direction. So I decided to do a little digging on this. I found several blogs that gave the spray paint a try including: Sweet and Simple Living and Don’t Pin That. The consensus is the spray paint is a wash. Disappointed? Me too. That’s why I’ve found what does work.


Carma Resin Soft Glow Illuminated Planter — This illuminated planter gets it’s glow from a fluorescent bulb.

led glowing planter


Bon Décor Bowl Illuminated Pot Planter — Also uses a fluorescent bulb.

glow in the dark planter 4


Instapark® Flower Power Color changing Plant Pot(White) — Uses LED lights.
glow in the dark planter 2


Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet to your glow in the dark needs. And, the answer to how to make your planter glow in the dark is to purchase an illuminated planter. But the good part is that there is that option. And you know what? It’s still pretty cool.


~ Jenise

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6 Comments on How To Make Your Planters Glow In the Dark

  1. THANK YOU! I hate when people start passing around pictures of great looking things with absolute bull presented as instructions for how to get the same effect. It’s a huge peeve for me.

    • Thanks Carin. It’s kind of a peeve for me too. I try to do my research before making claims cause I hate passing on incorrect info.

    • If you go to Glow-fusion Glow Powder just below the pic and tap that, that will take you to how and of course to buy their product. They even have paint and more…

  2. I actually went out and bought primer and glow in the dark paint today costing 70 dollars that I haven’t used yet and am considering taking it back after hearing the numerous accounts of it not working , and buying the lighted pots

  3. Ok ladies I found out how to do this DIY project of glow in the dark pots!!!
    Just after you see the picture and scroll down you will see a link that says
    Glow- fusion glow powder.. If you go to the site it tells you how to apply their product Glow Powder. They even have the Glow paint as well. I hope this has helped all of us FRUSTRATED peeps that just want to do a GLOW IN THE DARK PLANTER!!

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