source: suzysitcom.com
source: suzysitcom.com

Never lose track of this project! ‘Like’ it on facebook and PIN IT so you’ll always be able to find it. Years ago I used to work with stained glass. I used with the copper foil technique and would spend hours cutting and wrapping glass, then carefully soldering each piece together. Had I known about this way easy technique for making faux stained glass that looks real, things might have been a little different. This faux stained glass is the work of Suzy at Suzy Sitcom blog. The technique she came up with for creating the leaded outlines is pure genius, ridiculously easy, and very kid friendly. Anyone can do it, and I mean anyone. So follow the link below to head on over to Suzy’s blog so you can start making your own easy and beautiful faux stained glass creations…

Tutorial ==> Faux Stained Glass Tutorial


~ Jenise

p.s. Always find this project by pinning it & liking on facebook. Then stay tuned for more fun & fabulous DIY ideas and inspirations! (Secret: There’s some exclusive content on that thar facebook page…sshhh!…okay, I guess I just ruined the secret.)


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